Sumithion® 20CS


Micro-Encapsulated Water-Based Concentrate
SumithionⓇ 20CS utilises micro-encapsulation technology to create an even longer lasting effect on surfaces it is sprayed on. The technology allows the active ingredients to remain on surfaces instead of seeping away. The product’s active ingredient is SumithionⓇ, which is well known to be superior to similar ingredients in the market.


  • Also known as SumithionⓇ 20MC in Singapore
  • HACCP certified


Key Features

  • Micro-encapsulated water based concentrate
  • Extended residual pest control effects against crawling pests including pyrethroid resistant cockroaches
  • Extremely low toxicity
  • Low odour levels


Applied to surfaces, the product provides lasting residual effectiveness against most crawling insect pests, including pyrethroid resistant cockroaches. However, it is not advisable to apply SumithionⓇ 20CS on white marble as it has been shown to discolour the surface.