SCEA Wazary® SC


Environmentally Friendly Repellent Termiticide

SCEA Wazary® SC is a water-based flowable (suspension) concentrate which greatly reduces the risks associated with using oil-based termiticide formulas. It is virtually odorless even in its concentrate form which guarantees no customer complaints upon application. Furthermore, the main active ingredient of the product is highly absorbable from water into organic material within soil, allowing it to create a more effective anti-termite barrier.


  • Also known as Wazary® SC in Malaysia and Thailand
  • For long-term protection, SCEA Wazary® SC at the rate of 1 part: 40 parts water (5 years structural protection)
  • For shorter term control, dilutions of 1 part Wazary: 80 parts water (3 years structural protection) or 1 part Wazary: 200 parts water (2 years structural protection) may be considered.


Key Features

  • Repellent termiticide
  • 1 : 40 dilution can create 5 years of protection
  • Water-based concentrate and odorless
  • Binds effectively with soil to create anti-termite subterranean barrier
  • Approved by Singapore’s National Environmental Agency (NEA) for use in central catchment areas


SCEA Wazary® SC is recommended to treat a pre construction area, it has also been approved for use in central catchment areas by Singapore’s National Environment Agency (NEA).

Target Pests