Environmentally Friendly Termite Baiting System


Xterm® is a baiting system that offers both above and in ground systems to create a comprehensive solution to termite infestations. When termites are discovered the baiting systems are installed to attract foraging termites which bring the bait back to feed the rest of the colony.


Key Features

  • Above Ground (AG) and In Ground (IG) baiting systems
  • Non-invasive (no drilling required)
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Eliminates termite colonies



Above Ground System Application
For subterranean termites in houses and buildings, Xterm® AG (Above Ground System) can be used to lure the pests into the bait, after which they will travel back to their nest to share the bait with their nest mates, resulting in the termination of the colony.



In Ground System Application
Subterranean termites active in the soil around landed property can be intercepted by Xterm® IG (In Ground) bait system, before travelling back to the nest with the bait, after which the colony will be exterminated.




Xterm® in Hue, Vietnam