Olyset® Net


Sumitomo Chemical’s Olyset® Net has revolutionized the global fight against malaria. Protecting nearly 800 million people since it was Prequalified by WHO; the highly durable and award-winning LLIN (long lasting insecticidal net) uses hybrid polymer and controlled insecticide release technology to repel, kill and prevent mosquitos from biting for up to five years.


The pyrethroid insecticide permethrin was chosen after decades of successful use in public health applications, including everyday medically-approved hair and skin-care products such as head lice lotion and shampoo. As safe as it is powerful, Olyset® Net poses minimal toxic risk to adults and young children. It is a long-lasting and wash-proof; surviving challenging conditions throughout the world thanks to its tough polyethylene fibres.


Key Features

  • Prequalified by WHO
  • High Denier Net ( > 150 Denier)
  • Insecticide incorporated into the fibres of the net
  • Controlled release technology
  • Long-lasting (Insecticidal activity to last for years)
  • Higher burst strength than lower denier polyester nets
  • Washable
  • Odorless
  • World Health Organizations consider Long-Lasting Insecticide Nets (LLINs) to be the most effective method of preventing malaria in endemic areas throughout the world.

Target Pests